LTE 4G Signal Analyser

LTE 4G Signal Analyser

Requires SIM card for operation
4G / LTE, 3G / UMTS & 2G / GPRS coverage at EU frequencies
Checks mobile network to determine signal strength
LTE: Returns the strongest signal of each mobile network operator (MNO)
Splash-proof, rugged and durable design with easily replaceable antennas
Multilingual: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Do you want to install or maintain equipment that uses the cellular network? Then you need to know where the strength of the cellular signal is greatest, where the asset is deployed. With LTE Analyzer, you can get cellular signal strength data from surrounding base stations. This way you can:

Perform location surveys
Save survey results
Download the saved results to your PC using the USB cable
View the results on your PC in CSV or stylish HTML
Make decisions about which network providers deliver the results your service needs
Decide on the optimal placement of the antenna
Determine real-time signal hotspot (SPECTRUM version)
Determine the best signal direction in real time (SPECTRUM version)

Important: The LTE Analyzer requires a SIM card for all 2G, 3G and 4G queries, and it is strongly recommended that you ensure you obtain SIM cards from all “local” mobile network operators (MNOs).

LTE has many more operating bands than the previous UMTS (3G) and GPRS (2G) networks, and while some are in the same area of the spectrum, others are higher, which is why the LTE analyzer comes with two compact antennas. The antennas can also be removed to allow direct connection of an on-site antenna via an SMA connector. This is particularly useful to determine the performance or the optimal network operator for an existing fixed installation.


  •  750  –   960 MHz
  • 1710  – 2170 MHz
  • 2520 – 2750 MHz

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