Water 4.0: Smart and reliable supply and disposal.

Digitalization in the water industry enables greater efficiency and safety in water treatment and supply, e.g., through optimized utilization and predictive maintenance. The prerequisite is the greatest possible transparency about what is happening in the networks, pipes and plants.


Trafostation - Neu - Landschaft

Secure connection of intelligent local network stations with LTE and LTE450

Challenge Intelligent local network stations including installed telecontrol technology, enable remote control and monitoring of energy supply (e.g.…

Powerful platform for complex situation and crisis coordination

Challenge The comprehensive safeguarding of a critical situation requires the complex coordination of various mobile units in order…


Bereitschafts­alarmierung bei der Emschergenossen­schaft

Leistungsstarke Plattform für komplexe Lage- und Krisenkoordination Herausforderung Die umfassende Sicherung einer kritischen Lage erfordert die komplexe Koordination…

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