Smart Cities: Connecting Urban Life Intelligently and Securely

As a holistic design for urban space, smart cities require a secure, reliable and powerful infrastructure for the intelligent networking of all areas of life. Modern communication technology such as LoRaWAN and the corresponding sensor technology can be used to automate buildings or lighting systems, digitize processes and make living, working, mobility or administration more efficient and sustainable. This also applies in particular to the area of waste management/disposal and recycling, which will become even more important in the future in the context of sustainability and climate protection.


As a rule, the cooperation with cities and municipalities as clients, as the topics of energy supply and transport are concerned, is carried out via transport companies, utilities or network operators, such as ENNI Moers, Eins Energie/I-Netz Chemnitz or cities such as Leipzig, Erfurt and many more. The applications do not differ significantly from the solutions presented here, since the same infrastructures are usually present.

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