Energy transition: Digitizing grids and plants in a blackout-proof manner

The challenges of the energy transition – volatile feed-in from renewable sources, changing loads due to increasing electromobility, integration of decentralized generation plants – can only be met by intelligent technologies based on reliable data. We use state-of-the-art telecontrol technology via existing copper and fiber-optic infrastructures in compliance with all security criteria for an economical and rapid entry into the smart grid. In addition, our subsidiary TeMeno offers all crisis management communication functions (e.g. standby alarms or emergency communication) with its alarm and conference servers as well as virtual machines.



Bereitschafts­alarmierung bei der Emschergenossen­schaft

Leistungsstarke Plattform für komplexe Lage- und Krisenkoordination Herausforderung Die umfassende Sicherung einer kritischen Lage erfordert die komplexe Koordination…

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