Automatisierung in der Industrie

IIoT: Protected automation of industrial processes

The digital networking of plants, machines and other assets forms the basis for automation solutions and the migration to the Industrial IoT with autonomous applications at the edge. Data from sensors or measuring instruments also plays an important role in monitoring manufacturing processes. To ensure that the sensitive measurement, control or regulation data is transmitted securely and without errors via dedicated copper lines, fiber optics or radio, we place high demands on our industrial products. With the new 5G radio generation, which convinces with high bandwidths and low latencies, we are positioning ourselves future-proof for you!


Trafostation - Neu - Landschaft

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Bereitschafts­alarmierung bei der Emschergenossen­schaft

Leistungsstarke Plattform für komplexe Lage- und Krisenkoordination Herausforderung Die umfassende Sicherung einer kritischen Lage erfordert die komplexe Koordination…

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