Software solutions

Software solutions

BMS ERP system, BMS mobile,
BMS Citizen Services

BMS ERP system

The BMS combines the various specialist areas of the KRITIS waste management sector under one roof in a modular fashion, thus meeting the requirements in the operational as well as logistical areas, while at the same time exchanging company data with other leading systems such as SAP™ or Microsoft Dynamics NAV™ via interfaces.

Holistic approach as an integrated system
Modular structure
Developed in close cooperation with customers from the CRITIS sector
Continuous further development and adaptation to customer requirements
Technological evolution – modern design and intuitive user interface
Open interfaces (e.g. web services SOAP/REST)
Existing interfaces to various leading ERP systems such as SAP and Navision
Individually adaptable and expandable
Even complex processes are easy to handle
GIS system based on ESRI

BMS – Mobile

With BMS-Mobil the entry into the world of telematics is seamless and manageable. The applications are based on Android and thus offer a wide range of end devices, the selection of which you can freely determine according to the area of application. All modules of BMS-Mobil can also be coupled with the modules of the ERP in order to transparently display central data management and cross-system processes. However, individual modules can also be used autonomously and do not necessarily require an ERP.

Reduction of paper mountains in CRITIS operations
Order feedback in real time
On-site documentation with direct transmission to dispatch (remarks, photos, GPS, etc.)
Field service support with all information from the ERP in a compact mobile view
Permanent overview of container and bin inventory
Uncomplicated inventory of containers
Evaluation of the driven, recorded tours for optimization or quality assurance purposes
Support of drivers who are not familiar with the location/area
Automatic target/actual comparison for tours

BMS – Citizen Services

Use BMS Citizen Services to make your KRITIS company’s customer management more efficient, present information in a targeted manner and involve your city’s residents in your processes. At the same time, expand your accessibility and act preventively.

Customer satisfaction enhancement
Process involvement of citizens
Service improvement
Shortening of response times
Preventive action
Quality improvement
Optimization of customer management
Aiming for 24/7 availability

The transmission of my personal data is voluntary. I have the opportunity to withdraw my data at any time. My data is stored exclusively for the purpose of processing my request. A passing on to third does not take place.

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