TeMeno Alarm- und Konferenzserver MENO-D kompakt

TeMeno Alarm- und Konferenzserver MENO-D kompakt

Alarm, emergency call, broadcast call in IT and TC network
3x serial inputs for ESPA 4.4.4 or ESPA-X via LAN
Notification by voice announcements, text info, SMS, e-mail, contact outputs
ISDN, SIP or CSTA/CI interfaces for coupling to PBX systems
Detailed, web-based alarm management
Flexible call distribution via PBX systems, fixed and mobile networks
Alarm triggering via telephone dial-in and any number of contact inputs
Alarm and call acknowledgement with PIN query adjustable
Charge recording, basic and comfort version for various TC systems
Silent alarming in the IT network with the software module “Alarm Client
Monitoring module Call Control can be connected
Remote service via analog modem or VPN access
Available as desktop device with holder for wall mounting or as 19” (2HE) built-in device
Fanless with integrated power supply

The TeMeno alarm server allows you to distribute voice and/or text using internal and external voice and data networks. This is particularly useful as soon as standard information needs to be transmitted quickly to a specific group of addressees – such as alarm and fault messages in the event of a fire or emergency, nurse calls in hospitals or fault messages that signal a building manager’s need for technical action in the building control system.

MeNoDigital acts as a central link between the building technology on the one hand and the telecommunications world on the other: all incoming messages are recorded, processed and forwarded as text or voice messages to predefined recipients within seconds.

For this purpose, the server uses existing fixed network DECT telephones or cell phones of the GSM standard. All processes are logged in detail and are available in the network for further processing at any time. Depending on the application and individual requirements, additional hardware modules and interfaces are available to extend the range of functions. The same applies to a large number of available software modules, which can be installed and activated as required.


Typical fields of application for MENO-D smart:

Security industry/security authorities-teleconference system
Public buildings/KRITIS facilities – Silent alarms
Industry / chemical industry – fault messages and alarming in case of accidents ect.
Hospitals – alerting of e.g. medical teams, heart alarm, baby alarm

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The interfaces of the alarm server:

Maximum 8 ISDN or SIP channels for connection to PBX systems or manufacturer-specific data interfaces, IP-DECT, CSTA, ATAS etc.

3x serial input-outputs for ESPA 4.4.4 or ESPA-X
4x USB, 2x LAN interfaces

The software of the alarm server

Alarm/ broadcast call via dial-in
Alarm/ broadcast call via ad hoc dial-in
Alarm/ broadcast with voice announcements
Alarm/ broadcast with text messages
Alarm/ broadcast by e-mail
Alarm/ Broadcast via SMS
Alarm client/ silent alarm in IT network
Alarm triggering via contact inputs
Time-controlled alarming
Validity, day / night switching
Call acknowledgement Simple
Call acknowledgement with PIN code
Protocol dispatch by fax
Protocol dispatch by e-mail
WEB – control panel
Alarm status, escalation, info service
Client management
Guard protection
Callback/intercom, (device dependent)
Vital monitoring, assisted living
Patient call / light call
SmartPhone App
DECT emergency signal devices with localization (PNA)
Interfaces: ESPA 4.4.4, ESPA-X, XML, ISDN, SIP, CSTA, CI
Integrated call data acquisition, software for homes, clinics and hotels

Further possibilities and special functions on request.


Protection class IP65
Operating temperature: -10°C to +40°C
Storage temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Dimensions: 56mm x 42mm x 14mm

The transmission of my personal data is voluntary. I have the opportunity to withdraw my data at any time. My data is stored exclusively for the purpose of processing my request. A passing on to third does not take place.

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