Successor product for its medium-voltage automation system – Stromnetz Hamburg

The challenge

Stromnetz Hamburg needed a successor product for its medium-voltage automation system in 2020, as the former manufacturer had discontinued its product.


Why did Stromnetz Hamburg opt for the DigiComm SHDTU & DSL-FLÜ solution?

We had looked at possible replacement products from various well-known manufacturers, tested them and checked them according to our technical requirements – that’s how we came to the SHDTU device family. We needed suitable transformers for our increasing number of DSL connections. The compact design with two transformers in one housing also suited us.


After almost 10 years of co-operation, what would you say about the quality of the modems and long-distance line transformers supplied by DigiComm?
The quality of the products used meets Stromnetz Hamburg’s requirements – keep up the good work!

What was your experience with DigiComm’s support?
From my recollection, the biggest challenge in 2019 was when we experienced technical problems with the DSL fibre optic cables in the lower frequency range. DigiComm then improved the product, so we were able to continue using the DSL-FLÜ.