Powerful platform for complex situation and crisis coordination


The comprehensive safeguarding of a critical situation requires the complex coordination of various mobile units in order to intervene quickly and accurately and to control the hazardous situation as quickly as possible. At the Emschergenossenschaft, the tasks to be solved include “fail-safe alarm server”, “inaccessibility in the event of an alarm”, “citizen information in the event of a hazardous situation”, but also “hazardous situation of a single employee”. If many responsible persons are involved in a team, all members must receive the necessary information simultaneously and independent of location. The alerting can be contact-, time- or process-controlled.


The Temeno platform enables those involved to implement alarm-dependent crisis management quickly and securely. In the example: The failure safety of the alarm server is guaranteed by redundancy, cluster as well as high availability. If no one is reached when an alarm is triggered, the control center has to be informed and a backup alarm has to be started. The citizen telephone, which can be called on the server, automatically updates the information based on the alarm sequence. Individuals are monitored during the operation, but if no report is received within the specified time, a second person is alerted.


By using fully automated alerting and information chains, manual processes become largely redundant, costs can be reduced and efficiency increased. The automated standby request as a fault message via the control system can also save human lives, e.g. in the event of a flood situation, employee danger situations or other crises.

Products for the solution: TeMeno alarm and conference server