Connection of the power grid via existing copper infrastructure and public networks – SWK / Stadtwerke Krefeld AG

The SWK Group is a regionally orientated municipal group of companies operating in the five business segments of energy, water, waste disposal, transport and services. The Group offers comprehensive infrastructure services for private households and companies in Krefeld and the Lower Rhine region.

The challenge

Connecting the electricity grid via existing copper infrastructure and public networks (mobile communications/DSL) and expanding the digitalisation of intelligent local network stations in the area of responsibility


To connect the outstations in the electricity grid area, AC telegraphy systems (WT) have been used to date via existing copper cables for data transmission of all important measurement and control reports. The aim of connecting the stations is to use a telecontrol system that guarantees communication paths without failures in compliance with current laws, regulations and standards and to modernise them.

As a redundant server system and central VPN gateway, the VSS-01 server manages the VPN connections and controls access to the outstations. The “Dual SIM” function, which is integrated into the routers, guarantees a fail-safe connection. Different SIM variants are selected in order to increase the cost/benefit factor.


The local SIM card for continuous use (throttling to 2G speed/flat rate) and the card for firmware updates or synchronisation of larger data volumes (up to 4G speed/billing only when the card is actually logged in/costs according to time online) offer a cost-effective and efficient solution. By using “Global SIM” cards, logging into the strongest network is always guaranteed.

Products for this solution