Connection of traffic lights and development of a highly secure traffic system – Swarco Traffic Systems GmbH

Swarco Traffic Systems GmbH, a provider of intelligent traffic systems, was founded out of Signalbau Huber. Reliable traffic management, combined with traffic safety, ensures that traffic flows smoothly in Germany.

The challenge

Due to the increase in traffic and mobility and the resulting growth in data volumes, secure transmission solutions with high speeds are required. The connection of traffic lights and the development of a modern, intelligent traffic system are essential prerequisites for this.



Since 2009, the transmission of signalling data, information, video recordings, control systems, thermal camera recordings, speed monitoring or event counter data has been reliably guaranteed using Ethernet modems and Ethernet switches. The SHDTU Ethernet modem and ISD fibre optic switches for top-hat rail mounting are suitable for transmitting data from the branch offices to the control centre.
A rack solution is used in the control centre, where all data converges.



By connecting the traffic light systems to the control centre, they only need to be visited in the event of a fault if the central solution does not work. This reduces personnel costs and operating costs. Future AI projects will also be controlled via the control centre.

Products for this solution