Secure connection of intelligent local network stations with LTE and LTE450


Intelligent local network stations including installed telecontrol technology, enable remote control and monitoring of energy supply (e.g. energy, powers, voltage….). Renewable energies, which are fed in decentrally, change the conditions in the supply networks. It is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee stable and secure grids. Bottlenecks, a load out or overload of the operating resources must be avoided and an optimal data basis for network expansion planning must be created.

Current serial transmission can no longer be used, so it is necessary to switch to the Ethernet protocol for data transmission without changing the transmission paths ( e.g. copper cables) or to create a data connection when the stations are not yet connected to the data network.


In order to transmit the data of the local network station safely to the control station via Ethernet protocol, the SHDTU Ethernet modems are suitable for DIN rail mounting. In the control station, where all data converge, a rack solution is used.

Products for this solution

SHDTU Ethernet modem

If no own transmission paths are available, the transmission is done via GPRS/UMTS/LTE/ LTE450 as well as LoRaWAN

DSR-200 series


A stable network operation! By using our reliable solution over copper or in the mobile area, bottlenecks, overloads and changes in network operation are detected promptly. Whether at critical stations or nationwide, faults are quickly isolated and immediate restoration of supply is achieved. The existing network infrastructure (copper) can continue to be used. With the use of the DSR-211 radio router or the DSR-225 dual router, which already has the technical prerequisite for switching to the LTE450 frequency, you are optimally equipped regardless of the network structure!