Renewal of telecontrol technology via existing copper and fibre optic infrastructure – ESB- Energie Südbayern – Gas supply division

Energie Südbayern has been a service provider and energy supplier for the Bavarian region for more than 50 years. In addition to the operation of energy networks and energy generation, ESB offers flexible energy products and market expertise in all aspects of natural gas and green electricity. Together with its associated companies and subsidiaries, it develops innovative solutions and assumes responsibility as an experienced partner in all matters relating to energy supply for the region.

The challenge

The renewal of the telecontrol technology via the existing copper and fibre optic network is subject to a number of conditions. In addition to the security criteria that must be fully implemented for energy suppliers, reliability is an absolute must. From 2012 until today, the commissioning and parameterisation of the devices has been handled by our employees together with ESB.


With the SHDTU modem and ISD switches, the connection to the central network is guaranteed over long distances so that faults can be reported and rectified immediately. SFP modules also offer the option of customisation depending on the existing infrastructure. The DSR LTE routers, which establish secure connections to the control centre via VPN tunnels, ensure redundant connection of the outstations via two different routers.


By connecting outstations to the control centre, they only need to be visited in the event of a fault if the central solution does not work. This reduces personnel costs and operating costs. With the technology used, investments in passive network infrastructure could be avoided.

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