Connection of 14 pumping stations and stations in an Ethernet network via licence radio – Olbring Systemtechnik | Municipality of Heek project

The challenge

The 14 pumping stations and stations, which are generally spread over a wide area, have to be travelled to several times a day to read the measured values. In addition to high personnel costs, this also generates travelling costs. The aim is to save costs through an infrastructural solution.


Taking into account the geographical location of the stations and the existing infrastructure, all outstations were connected to the control centre via Ripex radio routers using 432-464 MHz licensed radio.

Products for this solution:


  • By connecting the outstations by radio, the outstations no longer have to be visited several times a day to read out the measured values. Personnel costs have been significantly reduced and operating costs lowered. Another advantage is that the measured values are available promptly and can be analysed directly.